Is Your Drinking a Problem?

Posted December 6, 2018

Alcohol is everywhere, and often times drinking can seem harmless. It’s a social activity done in groups for a good time. It’s grabbing a beer with friends after work, celebrating a birthday, or glass of wine with dinner. But what happens when that single drink turns into 3 or 4. Or that glass of wine with dinner turns into a nightly thing, and it no longer serves as an accent to food and friends but is a necessity?

What about when you suffer negative consequences as a result of your drinking? These are some of the symptoms of an alcohol problem. Many people go to work every day and live normal lives even though they have a problem with alcohol, so it can be something that others don’t notice. That is why people are often unaware that their alcohol use has become a problem.

If your alcohol consumption is something you have been wondering about, you take a free online screening here.

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