Seasonal Shift

Posted January 9, 2019

It’s that time of year, the days are growing colder and lend themselves to slowing down. We reflect on what has come to pass and get a chance to press the reset button. It’s a good to time to make small refinements to our daily routine and perhaps hone a skill that we have been meaning to tackle. In the summer, we tend to let momentum carry us through our day. Now, there’s more space and time to unpack our lives and see how a little shift can impact the way we move through life. The Functional Movement System (FMS) screen offers us an opportunity to observe the individual movements that allow us to enjoy single track adventures. This screen looks at 7 different patterns we used to evolve from a crawl to a walk. They are innate within our being. Observing these patterns reveals where we are lacking the mobility to create sustainable movement patterns in our body. The FMS screen places your body in a position that forces movement honesty and quickly pinpoints where mobility is lacking, giving you a clear road map of corrective exercises designed to restore your natural range of motion. Once mobility is restored, you have the opportunity to create stability around your increased range of motion by reducing motion in one group of muscles to enable motion in the opposing musculature. This process involves coordination and timing to create integrity around a joint. Once that is established we can challenge this honed pattern with dynamic movements experienced in EPIC Strength, Power and Run.

TAC is introducing EPIC Fundamentals as an opportunity to practice these seven fundamental movement patterns: squat, in-line lunge, single leg stance, straight leg raise, reciprocal shoulder reach, trunk stability push up and rotary reciprocal reach. We will be breaking down the more complex patterns experienced in EPIC Strength, Power and Run into small bites of movement. The idea is that when we hone one movement pattern it impacts all the other ones. For example, when you work through the individual components of a Turkish Getup by honoring each step, you transform your relationship to your mountain bike. Your core is engaged, spine is in neutral, shoulders are gently packed into your lats and your hips are free to move underneath you. This is a result of slowing down to see where you might be able to make a small change that will make a big difference in the way you move through life.

Join us Saturday Oct. 13th for a taste of EPIC Fundamentals in the TAC Performance Center at 9:30 a.m., and a second class at 11 a.m. A Special TAC open house coupon will be available for one 30-minute FMS screen for a discounted rate of only $50! We look forward to seeing you in the gym!

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