TACcess to Health

Mission statement:

TACcess to Health, the non-profit arm of TAC, provides assistance to our community by empowering access to health and wellness, resources and education.

Vision statement:

We envision a community of equitable access by connecting people with resources, collaborating with our partners and providing a continuum of services for all people of the community.

We actively seek collaborative partners to reduce the barriers to community-based health and wellness programs.

Current local resources offered by TACcess:

  • Free Fitness Project – designed to bring family-friendly fitness classes to school-settings. These classes will deliver high energy but low impact physical activity to school-aged children and their families. TACcess seeks to expand this model further into other community settings including adaptive environments.
  • Roaring Fork Enrichment – will collaborate with the Grand Junction Alzheimer’s Association to bring a spring community forum on cognitive impairment to the RFV. Our goal is to support growth of education efforts for families who are experiencing cognitive decline of a loved one.
  • Healthy Food Relationships – this is a new relationship with Eating Disorder Center of Denver to start impactful discussion of disordered eating and what our community can do for prevention.
  • Diabetes Prevention Program – TACcess is proud to have certified lifestyle coaches to lead this evidence-based curriculum for reducing the risk of chronic disease through weight loss and increased physical activity.
  • Aspen Center for Weight Management – a new partner with a focus on bringing expert-level health coaching to individuals seeking weight loss and reducing risk of chronic disease associated with excess weight.
  • Health Coaches for Hypertension Control – another new program offered by the CO Dept of Public Health. TACcess has applied for training and seeks to bring this innovative program to RFV.

Board members:

Amanda Wagner
Chris McDowell
Patrick Curry
Lisa Robbiano
Deb Gravelle
Kate Lokken
Jarid Rollins
Lisa Paige – Program Director

Contact us:

Email lisap@theaspenclinic.org or info@theaspenclinic.org

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