Bonnie Webb

Originally from Oklahoma City, my husband and I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley with our two young children in 2005, where we had our third child and have been here since. As an athlete throughout highschool and an all American cheerleader in college, I have always lived an active lifestyle. Although exercise has always been a huge part of my life, I wanted to expand on my knowledge in fitness in order to learn how to properly train and progress. 


I promptly became fascinated by the mechanics and techniques of exercise and wanted to share this new passion of mine with others. I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in 2017, as well as a Youth Exercise Specialist and Senior Exercise Specialist through NASM. I later attained my certifications in Grit and Bodypump, as I love the setting and atmosphere of group fitness classes. Outside of training, some of my favorite activities include trail running, hiking, fishing, skiing, paddle boarding, and spending time outside with my family and dogs.


Through Personal training and group fitness, I want to help others succeed in their fitness goals and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through exercise. I love reaching a variety of demographics, from young athletes, to middle aged individuals, to seniors who are looking to better themselves in whatever way that may look for them. Whether they are looking to get stronger, increase muscle mass, lose weight, keep up with grandkids, or avoid injury, my passion is to walk with individuals throughout their journeys of achieving these goals.