Carly Kramer

Carly Kraemer


Having always been interested in fitness and nutrition, I am enthusiastic about constantly learning and expanding my knowledge of whole body health.  Passionate about empowering individuals through intentional movement, a positive growth mindset, ongoing education and cultivating a deeper connection to their body, I am thrilled to be working with clients at TAC, where the approach to wellness encompasses all aspects of health.

I love experiencing the different ways in which my body can move and experiencing the result of consistent training and discipline. I also fully embrace the concept that life consists of different seasons in which our abilities and goals change and evolve- whether that be year-to-year or day-to-day. A successful and sustainable training program honors that ebb and flow to maximize benefit for the individual in the long term.

As a BIRTHFIT Coach, I am especially passionate about helping women during the parenthood transition by providing prenatal training and postpartum recovery in a supportive, safe, and encouraging environment.

One of the aspects of training I find most rewarding is seeing a client progress towards their goals, realize their potential, and become more at home in their body.