Cory Rhea

I’m a Central Arizona transplant, and found my way into the magnificent rocky mountains through Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. Youth and high school sports played a large part in my development and in my interest in athletics and optimization. I spent 6th-12th grade in a regimented sports training program through the combined local high school and PeeWee football organizations that, along with track and wrestling, led to deep immersion in the training and performance environment.

In college much of that structured gym and field training time transitioned to outdoor sports like hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. Having grown up hunting and fishing, the athletic challenges to be had in the backcountry were very appealing to me. After a skiing injury and poor recovery led to various movement dysfunctions and chronic pain, I had to get fired up on biomechanics and human movement science once again in order to continue my recreational athletic pursuits.

My training philosophy is based around prehab/injury prevention, principles of adaptation, corrective strategies, and optimization. After spending time as a physical therapy aide, it’s become apparent to me that corrective and recovery type exercises after injury–and more importantly an understanding of the adaptation mechanism behind them–are crucial to ingrain into the individual’s ongoing training in order to return to optimal performance.

The path to optimization of performance, as well as healthy aging and prolonged vitality, is an ever changing landscape with new challenges and new knowledge at every step. I relish the difficulty and variety it takes to maintain my body in the variety of pursuits from rock climbing to backcountry bowhunting. My goal is to help you understand and enjoy the maintenance process for your own continued success and enjoyment of this valley’s incredible outdoors.