Karla Salas

I grew up in the valley and graduated from Aspen high School in 2012. I spent four years in Oregon at Pacific University where I received my BA in Business Management. I grew up playing sports but fell in love with lacrosse and ended up playing two years in college. In my last year of college, I tragically lost a family member which brought me back to live in the valley. That’s where my true health and fitness journey began.

I avoided the grief I was experiencing and abused my relationship with food.  My emotional and physical health suffered because of it. Before I even knew it I had gained all this weight and lost all and any motivation to do to the activities that I loved. After spending almost a year and half letting self pity take over I finally found the strength to overcome my embarrassment and join a gym.

After spending 3 years at TAC not only was I 40+ pounds down but I was creating a normal routine, a healthy relationship with food, and found a positive headspace again. Once I began working for TAC I knew that I wanted to inspire other people in their life no matter what they might be experiencing. General fitness has become my new passion, because it’s brought new challenges and milestones in my life that I never thought I’d see myself achieving. Getting to where I am today got me to pursue my personal training certification as I want to be that person to push you one second longer when just when you think you can’t do it anymore.

When I am not at the front desk or coaching a Performance Center class, you’ll now find me all in black discovering new trails to hike or run.