Lauren Hinson

Lauren Hinson Personal Trainer NASM CPT, CES

Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Glenwood Springs in 2010 with my husband, and we completely fell in love with the Colorado lifestyle. I developed a passion for hiking that led me to a greater appreciation for my body’s capabilities. I had been out of shape for so long, it felt great to be stronger. I was able to hike longer distances, steeper mountains, and I began challenging myself with a couple of the 14’ers and the magnificent Mount Sopris.

I grew up playing sports like softball, tennis, and swimming, but in college I really started to feel out of control around food and exercise. As a long time yo-yo dieter, and someone who has had weight loss on the brain since age 12, I’ve lost and gained the equivalent of several people over the years. I have lost 50lbs two separate times, with 2 years of self-loathing in between. In 2014 I decided to stop giving up on myself and change my focus from weight loss, to making exercise a part of my life to feel great. I stopped using exercise as a weapon to punish myself and started to enjoy movement. I used my hikes for mental health instead of fat burn. I became so passionate about the power of exercise that I made it my career. In 2017 I became a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM, and 2 years later I got a specialization in Corrective Exercise through NASM as well. My biggest passion is group fitness, because I love the energy and community. I am a certified Les Mills Bodypump and Grit instructor, and I love challenging people to be their best. My goal as a trainer is to help people feel stronger, move better, and believe in themselves.