The Healthiest Way To Manage Your Eating Pattern

Posted January 9, 2019

Looking for a sustainable way to eat healthier? Forget the diet! With all of the delicious food options out there, controlling how much you eat can be incredibly difficult. Portion control and learning the appropriate serving sizes for foods can not only help you stay healthy but also maintain or lose weight. Check out some of these tips to help with portion control at any meal!

#1) Use the hand method: There’s no need to break out the measuring tools to get an idea of how much you should be eating for a serving, use your hand instead. For instance, your meat servings should be the size of your palm, closed fist is two servings of pasta, and your index finger tip a serving of butter.

#2) Use Smaller Dishware: Using smaller plates can help us keep our intake in check without much effort. Only fill your bowls once, then assess your hunger. For those in the “clean plate club” this is a good option to feel like you aren’t depriving yourself!

#3) Make Your Own Single Servings: For many, foods like nuts, cereal, and pasta can be hard to not overeat. Taking the box or container and packaging out single servings ahead of time can prevent overeating.

#4) Split a Meal: When eating out, offer to split a meal with a friend. Since restaurant portions tend to be extra large, this is a good way to fill up and save money at the same time.

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