Functional Movement Screening

How it Works

FMS is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury. These movement patterns are designed to provide observable performance of basic locomotor, manipulative and stabilizing movements by placing an individual in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mobility and motor control is not utilized.

Focus on Dynamic Movement

What sets the FMS apart from other screenings – say for posture or flexibility – is its focus on dynamic movement. Movement indicates how a body works. It lets us know how the brain is controlling the body and how the joints and muscles communicate. The FMS can help prevent injuries before they occur by identifying risk factors. Use smoking, for example, if you smoke a bunch of cigarettes, it doesn’t mean you’re for sure going to get cancer – but you are at a higher risk. The same goes for poor movement patterns. If you do nothing to fix them, chances are greater that they’ll catch up to you. Because no one moves perfectly, anyone can benefit from being screened. Then you can put the results of the FMS test to work, retraining your faulty movement patterns and keeping yourself running like a well-oiled machine.

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