Performance Center

The Valley’s elite athletic training program!

Build and enhance your athletic performance through small group training that compliments your active lifestyle. What we have created is a cut above your normal group fitness routine. It is a science-based, results-driven fitness program that constantly varies in order to break through your fitness or performance plateaus. Located at our Orchard Plaza location next to City Market.

Not Seeing The Changes You Want? Change Your Workout!

Classes consist of:

  • Functional Movements – Ideal cross training for all athletes
  • Diverse workouts – Challenges the neuromuscular system and derives results
  • Varied Time Domains – Prevents overtraining
  • Mobility – Improves Recovery
  • Focus on form & correctives – Helps prevent injury
  • Energized group environment – Keeps you motivated





Our Expert Coaches are certified personal trainers, with varying specialties including corrective exercise, sport specific strength and conditioning, pre natal/post partum, and more!  They will push you past your comfort zone without sacrificing safety or form.

Meet our Trainers


What You Can Expect:

Each training session is designed to push you toward achieving optimal performance and will begin with a strong emphasis on mobility and core strength to ensure your body is ready for the demands of the workout. This requires moving without compensation. Our workouts will provide the stimulus necessary to engage the right muscle systems at the right time with proper body mechanics. This is what we mean by training “functionally;” it ensures that your body is ready to react to any adaptation set forth before you in your sport or simply your daily life.

The meat of your workout will be functional strength circuits utilizing kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, bosus and other balance training aids, TRX, and more.  Program themes include triphasic training, power, pure strength, agility, stability, cardio, and plyometrics.  You will move in three dimensional, multi-planar ways to simulate life and sport.