When it comes to your health it seems as if we are either seeking wellness, recovering from illness or managing a chronic condition. It’s a cycle of staying well, getting well and being well. Understand that you are the most important member of your own health. Collectively, we at TAC, we will all take responsibility for your health, well-being, goals and needs.

We view your goals for healthy mind, body and spirit to be our objective and that positive outcomes are our success. The environment we create to ensure these outcomes are all one that epitomizes “mind, body, spirit”. Where space, resources and relationships are interlocked and seen as one integrated family all working toward one goal: your positive health outcome.

We define Health as the level of functional health and quality of life of an individual. It is the general condition of an individual’s mind, body and spirit. Usually free from illness, injury and pain.

We Support You In Caring For Yourself

Make sure you develop a clear idea of how to care for yourself, help you set goals for your health, and help you meet your goals one step at a time, give you information and education you need and want. We help you learn more about your health, to stay healthy or become healthy and encourage you to fully participate in recommended preventive screenings and services.