2020: The Best Teacher None Of Us Wanted

Posted January 18, 2021

How to utilize the most challenging year as a launchpad for continued growth!

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If your past year was like most of ours, then 2020 was hard. Like once in a lifetime events happened every month, type of hard. The start of 2021 carries a huge relief, despite nothing much having changed. We are collectively wanting to put the challenges (and possible disappointments) behind us and are looking toward the future hoping for the freshest start.

While the start of this New Year may not feel very different for some, it can be a big and momentous time to others. A 2013 study published for Management Science showed that Google searches for terms related to behavior changes and commitments to pursue goals, such as “diet”, “health”, and “gyms near me” increase after big milestones or “temporal landmarks.” The researchers termed this the Fresh Start Effect; stating that temporal landmarks “act as the start of new mental accounting periods which help us to relegate past imperfections to a previous period and to take a big picture view of our lives, thus motivating aspirational behavior.”

We all know the feeling: “I start on Monday”, “I’ll wait till this month ends,” “I’ll start after my birthday”, “New Year, New Me!” Not that there is anything bad about using temporal landmarks to create changes in your life, but as 2020 has taught us, we must ground our expectations in reality and experience. Despite the many disappointments and rude awakenings that 2020 revealed, it also taught us that many practices are worth bringing into 2021 for our fresh start. Sigal Samuel, in her article for Vox, wrote eight habits that her readers stated they want to continue in the new year:

  1. Consume less, consume local.
  2. Slow down.
  3. Prioritize loved ones.
  4. More ethical, world-centric actions.
  5. Exercise daily.
  6. Intentional hobbies: baking, gardening, cooking.
  7. More nature.
  8. Work from home, if possible.

This list of habits makes you think; if you did a year in review, what did 2020 teach you? What habits would you keep? What habits did you give up? What did you accomplish that you are proud of? Are your priorities the same as when 2020 started? What is the biggest lesson you learned?

Take a second to inventory this past year. While it is okay to want to completely ditch 2020 in the rearview, it’s important to continue the good habits that helped get you through one of the toughest years that our world has collectively experienced in many decades.

So with the power of the Fresh Start Effect upon us, we ask you: how can we help you harness the habits from 2020 to build the best 2021?

  • Need systems or community groups can you use to your advantage to meet your goals? You could join a group fitness class, small group training with your friends or family, or an outdoor activity group when we offer them.
  • Do you need more support this year than last? This could look like an accountability buddy, a personal trainer, utilizing a nutritionist or getting a meal prep service.
  • Maybe you want a better work/life balance. Scheduling in self-care or “me time” activities into your calendar makes you more likely to complete them. Call our front desk to pencil in your massage! Or take advantage of your TAC member discount at Fahrenheit Body Spas!
  • Do you have nagging injuries that are limiting your ability to workout? Have one of our trainers put you through a Functional Movement Screen to diagnose your problem(s) and set up a specialized training program for your specific issues.

Our clients were the most important part of 2020. You were there for us during forced closures and uncertain times, we want to be there for you and to help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals during this upcoming year.

Cheers to you, our members, and to fresh starts! Let’s Train, Aim, and Conquer 2021!

By Nevada Crandall

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