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Posted March 23, 2020

By Karla Salas, CPT

Jen on Monkey bars

131 hours, 56 minutes and counting since the order was given to shut down gyms due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The order was given to protect our communities and minimize the outbreak of a contagious virus; now each one of us is practicing and learning what social distancing means. For many people, the news of closing the gym meant much more than just missing a workout, the gym is a space to decompress, distress or just a social outlet. So, what happens now that the door is closed for 30 days, we aren’t able to congregate in groups more than 10, and have to be 6-feet apart from one another? 

We turn to social media platforms as a community, to lean on one another for support and accountability now that we are separated. Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, and Instagram are just a few platforms that are being utilized in the fitness industry to stay motivated during this time.

#See10Do10Send10, #ChallengeAccepted #24hours, “Lunges for .25 miles,” #StayHome, and countless challenges that are being tagged all around the world in order to continue to feel bonded. Sticking to a routine, especially when it’s fun, will make the isolation easier to handle. Having to send videos or pictures of a challenge being accomplished is just as one way to stay accountable. Participating in a  live Zoom workout not only gets you moving alongside a fitness instructor but keeps the same accountability as signing up for a group fitness class. 

Yes, our gyms are closed but that doesn’t mean our health or fitness goals need to end too. This is the time to come together (virtually) to encourage, motivate, and support one another, even though we have to be apart physically. 

TAC challenges you to a 30-Day Full Body Challenge. Since we may be inside for weeks, let’s have fun with a fitness challenge that can be completed alone or with your partner, roommates, pets and family. 

You’ll start the first day with 2 repetitions of the following exercises, from there each day you’ll go up by 2 reps each day. As for the plank, start with testing how long you can hold with good form on day one. The next 29 days see if each day you can add an extra 2 seconds to your beginning time. After 30 days the participants that can hold the longest plank will win a special 1-hour training session with Justin Gross!

Rules are simple:  have fun, smile, and tag us! (IG @theaspenclinictac).

Day 1: 2 reps, Day 2: 4 reps, Day 3: 6 reps, etc.

Sit ups

Push ups 



Plank hold 

Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it. And make the most of it. I’ll be right beside all of you during this challenge but to make it my own, I’m adding 2 more minutes to each one of my runs. How will you make this personal for you? 

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